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We Can Re-Grip Your Clubs!

We Can Re-Grip Your Clubs!

Wright Golf's re-gripping service is a convenient and cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of your golf clubs. With this service, we will professionally re-grip your clubs with the grip of your choice. All of the re-grip work is done in-house, allowing for quick turnaround times and fitting is free with any grip purchase!

The first step of the re-gripping process is to remove the old grip. This is done using a specialized tool that safely and effectively removes the old grip without damaging the shaft. Once the old grip is removed, a new grip can be installed. The new grip is fitted using double sided tape and solvent, ensuring a secure and lasting bond.

We can customise the gripping process to fit your needs, with extra wraps of tape and weights optional.

Grips are just like the tyres on your car, they're your only point of contact and are the most cost effective upgrade available. Make your clubs feel like new again, get in contact to find out more!

Grip Brands We Offer