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Our solutions

Our Solutions

Clubs That Fit Your Game.


Shaft Extensions

If you're over 6 foot, chances are you need clubs that are longer than standard. While you could spend thousands having new clubs custom built, our shaft extension service means you can extend your current set or one of ours for just $19.99 per club! 


Upgraded Shafts 

Looking to try and get some extra performance out of your current clubs? Shafts are a key component of all clubs and having the right one can make all the difference. Whether it's your Driver or your Putter and everything in between, a new shaft could be a game changer. 

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Premium Grips

Grips are your only point of contact and just like the tyres on your car, excessive wear will effect your performance. As well as being highly customisable, grips are the most cost effective way to get more performance out of any set.


Weight Alterations

We stock a small range of OEM and aftermarket clubs weights. Whether it's making your putter heavier or adding a larger sliding weight to your driver, our club weight solutions have you covered.