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KBS Max HL Driver Shaft

by KBS
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The NEW KBS MAX HL is a Graphite Wood Shaft designed to fit into the MAX Family of Graphite Products from KBS. Based off the same E.I. curve as the KBS MAX Graphite Iron Shaft, the NEW KBS MAX HL will fit players using “swing speed” rather than the traditional “flex”. This will give players with lower swing speeds the ability to hit the ball at a higher launch/spin with accuracy in a performance graphite driver/wood shaft.

MAX HL 40 Series Swing Speed Fitting:

  • 45G 73-80 MPH
  • 42G 65-72 MPH
  • 40G 65 MPH & Below

The NEW KBS MAX HL is designed for a wide range of players seeking to MAXimize the performance of their driver/wood shafts with trajectory, spin, and distance in a consistent, lighter weight package.

      *All shafts come with a Grip One Standard grip. To have a different grip fitted, simply add an alternative to your cart.

      **Please note: We will be in contact to discuss what length you need the shaft trimmed to.**